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ART AVERY, Principal Consultant, BSIE MSIE
Art's 34 years of distribution experiences have taken many directions, providing a broad base of managerial, operational, technical, and strategic knowledge that now enables him to assist any distribution operation from very small to very large - to improve, expand, streamline or build, consolidate, design or move into new facilities.


  • Designing, implementing and managing the Distribution Services department for a 300,000 sq. ft. non-foods distribution center with 15 direct reports.

  • Designing and programming two complete distribution hardware and software systems (one for a paper goods company and another for a grocery home delivery center).

  • Designing and implementing at least a dozen smaller barcode and terminal PC- based projects.

  • Designing and completely programming two relatively inexpensive pick-to-light systems, one of these being the first of its kind in the United States - the other was developed for an international material handling equipment firm located in Germany.

  • Designing and programming an RF batch picking system using wrist mounted RF terminal

  • Creating the software packages for batch picking with palm pilots for two home grocery delivery startups, one in Canada and one in Ireland.

  • Contracting as a Distribution Engineering Consultant and “troubleshooter” with one of the largest international third party logistics companies in the world.  Each project involved working with large, well-known companies such as Hewlett Packard and Imation.

  • Developing 2 to 5 year growth plans for several companies.

  • Designing and implementing (a 1500 pallet) 13 deep, pallet flow-rack storage system.

  • Designing and implementing a stacker crane case picking system.  


"Generally, my services are self-funding and don't cost my client a penny!"

Art has assisted many companies to achieve some very significant and cost-saving results.  Some of these are:

  • Doubling pick rates, achieving nearly 100% accuracy and "blind-count" order verification at the same time.

  • Increasing pallet storage by 21%, while reducing pallet handling labor by over 50%.

  • Increasing total space utilization by 23%.

  • Cutting shipping costs by $500,000 annually.

  • Allowing manpower savings of at least one, and as many as 12 workers in one distribution operation.

  • Eliminating the entire 3rd shift.

  • Allowing one picker to batch pick as many as 20 orders (into their pre-cubed shipping cartons) in one greatly reduced walking path, set up by careful ABC product flow analysis.

  • Note:  As a result of this plan, packers are eliminated, and with total verification of accuracy, there is no need for checkers.  (Stuffing and taping is done by the shipping department).

  • Increasing pick rates to over 300 lines per hour.

  • Doubling case pick productivity

  • Reducing the equipment budget by over $1,000,000.

  • "Cluster picking" 8 small orders sequentially into one compartmentalized tote.

  • Reducing product handling to nearly zero, by implementing a conveyorized cross-docking system

  • Increasing pallet cube capacity by 210% (no capital cost.)

  • Reducing packing labor by over 100% (no capitol cost.)

  Important:  almost all of these savings have resulted from using simple methods (not expensive), conceived through strategic, experience-based analytical thinking.   

A more realistically complete list of improvements and cost savings would have to be as long as the scores of companies that Art has worked with through the years!  For some of the stories of actual companies and what they have achieved through Art's consulting assistance, click on "Customers".  The majority of those listed have become clients within the past two years.



  • BS in Industrial Engineering, New Jersey Institute Of Technology, Newark NJ

  • MS in Management Science NJIT - Thesis on "Computerized Demand Forecasting" 

  • Institute of Industrial Engineering  (IIE)- Member and Featured national convention speaker

  • American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS)- Frequent speaker

  • New Jersey Material Handling Society (NJMHS) - Speaker, Board Member & Newsletter Editor

  • The International Society of Logistics (SOLE) – Member

  • The Warehouse Education and Research Council – Member

  • The Council of Logistics Management - Member         


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