Ways of reducing UPS shipping costs.

If you can be satisfied with "2nd day" delivery of packages, here are a few methods of achieving 2nd day delivery at bargain rates compared to 2nd day UPS rates.

1. Ship packages VIA US Postal Service Priority Mail. Now that they have free (for businesses using electronic data uploads) delivery receipts, this can be a real cost cutter. For example, sending a 2-lb. package from coast to coast by UPS 2nd day costs $10.00 while Priority mail is only $3.20, a savings of 68%!

2. If you have a cooperating West Coast shipper, and your packages are fairly small, you can "zone jump" packages between 2 distant points for a significant saving. This process requires packing the ten 2-lb. packages (each with a shipping label showing the WEST Coast shippers address as the return address) into one large (possibly reusable) carton. The large carton (weighing 20 lbs.) is sent by UPS next-day for $38.00 to the West Coast shipper. Upon arrival, the 10 parcels are removed and sent out immediately by UPS ground for an additional cost of 10 x $3.99. The total cost of this zone drop 2nd day is $77.90. The cost of sending 10 x 2-lb. Packages directly from the East Coast would have been $100.00, a 22% saving.

3. You can save money on shipping multiple packages by either ground or express modes if you simply combine as many parcels as possible into one package, instead of shipping multiple separate cases to the same address. This combination might be done by combining several smaller cartons into a larger one or by strapping or banding several cartons together. As an example, "next-day" shipping of four 20 lb. Cartons to zone 8 costs $254.00 while a single 80 lb. Carton would cost $187, a savings of 27%.


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