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  AMERICAN APPAREL, Los Angeles, CA (Totally USA produced product) - casual/sporting apparel. Designed a one and one-half floor storage/picking area that used a "fish-bone" layout, reducing picking time by more than 60%, in a warehousing space that was 3 times larger than it had been previously.
  ALPHA SHIRT, 3 warehouse locations Major distributor to the printed shirt trade nationwide - Did redesign and re-layout of all three of their shirt distribution centers
  COTTON FACTORY (shopodd.com)
  FOOTBALL FANATICS.COM Orange Park, FL Internet supplier of team-branded sportswear and memorabilia. Designed a new building layout and picking system. Our major challenge was slotting products so that picking/walking time would be greatly reduced, and accuracy of nearly 100%.
  REVOLUTION DANCEWEAR Chicago, IL Large mailorder and Internet distributor of dance shoes and other dancewear to dance studios across the US and canada
  SHOEMETRO (www.shoemetro.com) 12,000 sq ft warehouse to support an Ebay vender of remaindered shoes and boots of all types
  AMERICA STORE Retailer of many "America" related patriotic gift items at Airport stores and over the internet.
  Walrus Brands, Chicago, IL
  ISACO International, Miami FL, Major importer of sleepware for EDI market.
  Manhattan Beachwear, Los Angeles, CA
  Alltel Communications Atlanta, a major cell phone company. Achieved a $255,000 annual savings in direct pick labor in their 2 W/H facilities in Georgia and Arkansas.
  Vincent Haung & Assoc.,  Industry, CA AKA V-pin.com
  TECHNOCEL. A major importer of cell phone accessories. When they were about to make an expensive and risky move to a much larger building, they contacted us. After we increased their pallet cube capacity by 210%, we were also able to provide a method to cut their packing labor by over 100%, with no capital cost. Due to these innovations, they were able to plan to remain in their current facility for at least one more year.
  Intelex, Inc., Carmel, IN
  BORSCHOW DRUG DIST.  Puerto Rico The major distributor of drugs & hospital supplies in Puerto Rico. Space on the island is very tight and expensive so we designed a new facility that utilized building height and cube to maximum extent possible.
  CARDINAL HEALTHCARE. Salt Lake City, UT, A major, nationwide drug distributor. Brought in as a "second pair of eyes" to review their operation cost-reduction possibilities. Our plan provided a 19 % reduction in total warehouse labor - in an already well-run operation!
  CLAIROL Stamford, CT Designed a case distribution system for the main hair care products distribution center that almost doubled case pick productivity and was a Featured System in Modern Material Handling Magazine
  Dermstore, Redding, CA
  Mystic Tan, Addison, TX
  Netrition, Albany, NY
  REVLON, Edison, NJ One of the largest International cosmetic companies.
  Sanofi-Synthelabo, Malvern, PA  One of the largest drug companies in the world.
  MUSCLETECH Buffalo, NY Major distributor of health and bodybuilding supplements and food bars. Designed and laid out a new 200,000 sq. ft. distribution center. By changing the building design (before construction), we increased pallet space by 18%, and using 3 deep pallet flow rack, we cut case pick time by 67%!
  PARAMOUNT FARMS Central CA, Largest grower and distributor of pistachio nuts in US
  BUDCO LTD, San Antonio, TX 7th largest Anheuser Busch distributor in the US. Developed a new layout to allow doubling of refrigerated picking and staging areas to allow for rapid growth without requiring multi-million dollar building expansion.
  HANNAFORD'S HOMERUNS Home grocery delivery company. Designed and programmed a highly productive order processing, staging and picking system using radio frequency (RF) pick terminals that yielded pick rates of over 300 lines/hour on all grocery items.
  TRADER JOES Boston, MA Dry grocery, frozen and perishable provider. We provided a storage layout and pick area design for a new warehouse. Using a proper layout design, we reduced the planned building and refrigeration space by about 30%.
  PATHMARK SUPERMARKETS Designed and then managed their first non-foods distribution center in Edison N.J. Reduced the budget for equipping the new facility by over $1,000,000, and then achieved significant budget cost reductions each year over the next 7 years of operation.
  Casco Canada, Cardinal, ON
  Corn Products International, Bedford Park, IL
  Republic Of Tea, Nashville, IL
  PREMIER BEVERAGES, Antigua, Designed a new, (much larger facility) layout for the largest wine and liquor distributor in Antigua, which included a specialized refrigeration area.
  Audio Advisor, Kentwood, MI
  BAE Systems, Fort Walton Bch, FL
  LaptopsForLess, Anaheim, CA
  Cornell Dubilier Electronics New Bedford, MA
  Ventana Medical Systems, Tucson, AZ
  GE ION-TRACK Boston, MA Manufacturers and distributors of ion checking security equipment for bomb testing at airports and other applications we were able to find more storage and packing space at minimal cost.
  Saft America, Valvese, NC
  City of Glendale Water & Power, Glendale CA, Combined Warehouse for Water, Electric, and Power generating facility for the City of Glendale. This facility had to be fully operative 24 X 7 by emergency repair staff not qualified to operate sophisticated fork trucks.
  Husky Energy, Prince George, BC
  New Brunswick Power, Fredericton, New Brunswick
  Izone, Rockleigh, NJ is a highly seasonal supplier of sunglass, and other travel items sold in highway food plazas. Our layout increased pallet storage space by over 200% compared to the original design they had when they moved into a new building.
  EYE-MAGINE Chicago, IL
  Select-A-Vision, Collegeville, PA
  Alchemy Collections, Bellevue, WA
  Office Furniture Now, Austin, TX
  Southern Lifestyles Fine Furniture, The Villages, FL
  US Senate, Washington DC, Sergeant at Arms office
  Naval Coastal Warfare Group 1, San Diego, CA , Combined Deployment Warehouse created from an unused Helicopter Hanger
  Denver Metro Wastewater Reclamation Project, Denver CO, Single warehouse for 15,000 plus replacement parts from a 5 county regional facility
  HARPER COLLINS BOOKS Scranton, PA Designed and programmed a book distribution center and book return processing center that eliminated most labor in checking in remaindered books returned to the warehouse for restocking.
  WORD MUSIC Memphis, TN Religious tape and CD music distribution center. Re-designed and re-layed out this new facility, reducing planned labor cost for pick and replenishment by over 40%.
  Lehigh Direct, Broadview, IL
  Memorex Products, Inc., Winchester VA
  Habitat for Humanity, Americus GA, redesign and improve and existing warehouse for this world renown charitable service.
  University of Missouri, Columbus, MO, New combined Warehouse facility bringing together text book processing, Internet sales and Central stores into an existing older building.
  Coral Ridge Ministries, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  National Relief Charities, Beaverton, OR
  MILLER SQA Assembled to order office furniture. Devised a new slotting technique to greatly improve picking speed and quality of the stacked loads.
  IMATION (formerly part of 3M) 4 warehouse locations Improved building cube utilization by 20%. Implemented an Activity Based Costing (ABC) program to assign real handling costs to the items requiring the excessive handling labor.
  HP Printer Supplies Relayed out 1.1 million sq. ft. ink and laser cartridge replenishment warehouse and increased capacity by 22% freeing room for thousands of additional pallets.
  Printer Essentials, Memphis, TN
  MONK OFFICE SUPPLY, Victoria, B.C. Canada A major office products supplier in western Canada. We provided an entire layout and operation design, allowing at least one, if not two more years of operation - in a building they had "out-grown."! We were able to more than double the number of pick slots into a 25% smaller pick area while doubling the number of pallet reserve slots.
  123Inkjets.Com, Simi Valley, CA

  LONGSTRETH Parker Ford, PA
  NIKE Atlanta, GA This major sporting goods provider faced significantly inefficient and costly warehousing/distribution practices. Following our intensive analysis of data, the company was able to completely eliminate the 3rd shift! They were (literally!) sleeping on the job. Additionally, we greatly improved picking speeds with batch picking and a creative re-layout for an 85% smaller picking area. This improved picking rates by more than 300%!
  Clean Run, Chicopee, MA
  Club Swim, Inc, Pleasanton, CA
  Scuba.com, Irvine, CA
   Alpha Distribution Solutions  Schuylkill Haven, PA Third party  fulfillment  provider in north east PA. Has one of the best high volume order picking systems we have ever seen and which is fully capable of picking at 300 lines per hour with virtually no errors. Highly recommended!
  MENLO LOGISTICS San Mateo , CA A leading third party logistics company - Designed numerous small order picking systems, performed warehouse re-layouts and carried out many productivity reviews on their nationwide fulfillment operations .
  NFI INTERACTIVE, 3rd party Internet order fulfillment company Performed extensive design and re-layout of three of their high labor intensity distribution centers including two major dot com operations
  ALL-CLAD METALCRAFTERS. Canonsburg, PA Manufacturer of very high-quality cookware., featured in Macy's, Chef's etc. Provided layout and system designs for storage, picking and packing areas in a new, very narrow aisle (VNA) warehouse., accomplishing their major goal to replace 15 picking/packing "fiefdoms" with 3 in-line packing stations.
  DAHL BROTHERS Mississauga, Canada Large manufacturer of "mini-ball valves" needed more warehouse space and a bigger picking area. We were able to achieve both goals at a much less than expected equipment cost and without an expensive building addition.
  INTERROLL Germany European material handling equipment mfg. - Designed and programmed the Picktron lighted picking system which was sold by Interroll throughout Europe.
  Lloyd Industries, Spokane, WA  Major manufacturer and distributor of custom and standard designed Pizza Pans to most the major chains and small operators
  Kennametal Evans, GA & Seneca, SC
  Kawneer Co. Inc., Visalia, CA
  Chamberlain Group, Carlstadt, NJ
  Bergquist INC, Toledo, OH
  Perfection Corp., Madison, OH
  Getman Corp., Bangor, MI
  Magnus Industries Inc., Santa Fe Springs, CA
AFLAC   AFLAC, Insurance Company. Slotted and redesigned all pick and reserve slots for documentation forms, advertising, and other paper supplies, for a new warehousing and distribution center.
  FARM & COUNTRY - Designed a conveyorized cross docking system so that High volume would move directly from receipt to store delivery pallets without order picking and with almost zero handling labor.
  CAMETA CAMERA Amityville, NY Internet and catalog seller of cameras and accessories to photo enthusiasts need help laying out a new, much larger warehouse.
  CA Reed & Paper Art Williamsport, PA- party goods mfg. - Designed and programmed a Warehouse Management System to insure 100% accurate inventory in three buildings.
  DEGUSSA INITIATORS Elyria OH  Manufacturer of explosive chemicals needed help on creating more storage space in their limited warehousing areas.
  DANGEROUS GOODS SUPPLY Cranbury, NJ A small internet and catalog supplier of safety packaging suppliers and containers needed help utilizing limited space and reducing pick labor
  SPINAL TECH Gig Harbor, WA A major distributor of specialized products of their own design to chiropractors. They needed a re-layout and distribution system improve- ment due to their rapid rate of growth.
  Beehive Jewelry, Ruston, LA
  ALLEN-BRADLEY Picking showcase warehouse - Sophisticated multi-station Pick to Light small item pick area including "cluster picking" of up to 8 small orders into a single compartmentalized tote.
  FRANKE.La Vergne, TN Major supplier to restaurants and fast food operations nationwide. We reviewed their in-house improvement plans, found (and fixed) a major flaw in their design that might have brought their operation to a major breakdown and eventual demise
  PORTER-WALKER Columbia, TN Distributor of power tools and all kinds of hardware to retail stores and building trades in the Tennessee area.
  Lentz Milling Co., Reading, PA
  Esco Toy Imports, San Antonio, TX
  Daycon Products, Upper Marlboro, MD
  Southeastern Emergency Equip., Wake Forest, NC

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