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Just in Time Designs

Do any of these describe your current warehouse design?

  1. Product from containers jammed in your travel aisles and docks?

  2. In danger of losing customers due to late shipments & Out-of-Stocks?

  3. Is productivity way down? Do you need to slash costs quickly?

  4. Or do you just need a great new way to improve your distribution operations?

If these describe YOUR warehouse then JIT CAN HELP!

Working together over the internet, we will create a brand new JIT strategy designed for your specific needs and opportunities. You will get a full description of your new JIT operation, an equipment list, new layouts and a full cost justification. Using email, phone and FAX, we can collaborate anywhere in the world. This means you get your new JIT design fast, in as little as a day or two, if need be, and you can begin to implement it immediately!

Our web based prices are fixed:


Warehouse Size

Remote Study**

On-site 3-4 Day Study*

Now we take 
credit cards.

Up to 5,000 sq ft



5 to 20,000 sq ft



20 to 40,000 sq ft



40 to 80,000 sq ft



80 to 160,000 sq ft



Over 160,000 sq ft



* Travel expenses are billed at cost. All fees include full facility study, detailed warehouse layout, picking, packing, shipping and storage area design, detailed slotting (if data is available), equipment list, productivity standards, etc.

**We feel the in-person on-site visits offer the very best warehouse consulting results, but we are willing to work with you on a remote basis (using phone, FAX, email and video) to fit within your warehouse center design budget.

We Guarantee Your Full Satisfaction! If for any reason you aren't fully satisfied, we will continue to work on your warehouse layout until you are. YOU JUST CAN'T LOSE! 

We both work from the convenience of our own offices, with you supplying inventory information, photos, building dimensions, any available product movement data and descriptions of your current methods. We will collaborate to be sure that the full benefits of Just-in-time are achieved for your situation and needs. 

Some consultants will tell you they will improve your operation, but I guarantee it! If for any reason you aren't fully satisfied, then just don't pay my invoice. You can't lose! For more information on how we work and out detailed FIXED prices see here.

Now, take the first step toward a great new solution to your warehouse problems. Call me at (800)606-9841 during East Coast business hours or email me with a description of your problem right now. I usually reply quickly, often within the hour.

I look forward to working with you soon!


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If you don't find what you need, 
Ask Art aavery@gmail.com 


Some Recent Testimonials
(Contact us to speak directly to a writer.)



"Hi Art, you are very welcome for the references. You may not know this but we RAVE about the suggestions you made to us for our "Distribution Center", and how right your suggestions were…" Dan G., Pres., Pipersville, PA.



"I look forward to having you involved for our DC implementation plan and in future endeavors as well. Your input was extremely valuable to us". Brent T., President Jacksonville, FL



"This move is incredibly difficult - I would never have been able to do this without all your great help"! Dave W., Owner, Chicago, IL.



"First I wanted to say that all your suggestions work great!  Thanks so much.  Secondly, in the later part of May, we will be moving out of our current facility into a new one.  I was wondering if I gave you the layout could you draw up a design.  You told me if there were ever changes, just ask for a new layout, so here I am.  Thanks a lot!"  Bob V., Owner, New Kensington, PA



"I know it has been a while, but we finally signed on a new building, and are looking at a mid July move.  We have three dock highs, and two roll ups.  Please do your magic and lay out the floor space.  Thanks."  Rami R., Owner, Chatsworth, CA



"The renovation is going great.  The large shelving is all moved and the small shelving is about 75% in its new location.  A company is coming in Tuesday to build the new shelving...then we can start to relocate all the product.  Thanks for all the help."  Jeff L., Operations Manager, Victoria, BC, Canada.



"We've received the final report, thanks for the summary of findings and the recommendations.  What was most valuable for us was the process of getting to the goal and the discussions around it…  Thanks again for your help…Joachim S., Systems Manager, New York, NY



 "I'm proud to say that our first day of production in our new location was March 6.   Thank you for your work on our behalf.  Looks like we got off to a fine start in the warehouse and picking areas.  It's always a pleasure hearing from you."  Charlie T., Project Manager, Amityville, NY


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