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4 reasons why an independent put-to-light consultant 
may be right for you.

1. A pick to light system can be VERY expensive
For its size, a pup to light system can be one of the most expensive warehouse productivity purchases you will ever make. Prices of $300 per slot and up are common. Systems can easily cost over one million dollars!

2 Who else but an independent consultant can give advice you can trust?
Every manufacturer of pup to light (P2L) systems will tell you theirs is the best, what else would they say? Many material handling "consultants" are really integrators who get a kick-back or a commitment of future jobs in return recommending a  P2L 'partner' company.

3. Is pick to light REALLY right for your application?

IF put-to-light is the right solution for YOUR picking area, then how many slots should be full P2L, how many partial P2L and how many some other technology such as P2L carousels or RF picking for the slower moving items.

4. To prepare an RFQ and Approved Vendor List

Just which brand of equipment and software would be best for your unique requirement? What should be contained in a request for quote (RFQ) and which companies are qualified to bid on your proposed system. Unless you have a really qualified put to light expert on your in-house staff (very unlikely) then retaining an independent expert is certain to save you a great deal of time and money in making the right P2L decision.

What is the next step?

Why not give Art Avery a call and discuss your potential project now. There is no cost or obligation for the call and it may save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even better, Art may be able to recommend a more appropriate and less expensive technology, if that is what your situation requires.

Why not call or Email Art at aavery@gmail.com to arrange a good time for a free phone consultation.

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Art's short history of pick to light

My 1st system at Revlon Cosmetics.

Starting at the dawn of personal computers, I designed my first pick to light system for Revlon using a then state-of-the-art Cromemco micro computer and parts purchased from electronic catalogs. It was designed to cost a fraction of the cost of a Kingway CAPS system and, perhaps surprisingly, it actually worked.

The Interroll Picktron System

Since the first system actually worked, I then was retained as a consultant with Interroll Engineering in Germany to design and built a much more advanced system based on the new IBM PC. The first test application was at a giant German drug distributor and the product was then introduced at the annual Messe fair in Hanover and had a successful run for several years in applications throughout Europe.

The Rapistan RapidPick2 system

In the mid 90's I was the chief pick to light application engineer for the largest conveyor company in the US. I designed and engineered systems for companies in the US and Europe including Xerox, 7 Eleven, Mary Kay, Eagle Clothes, Allied Electronics, Motorola,  and Amway.

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